Bánóczy Zoltán Analytics Consultant and owner of AALL.hu

      After having contributed to the early ’90s Commodore 64, Amiga and x86 demoscene, Zoli started his career in 2000. His first project was engineering what became the most widely used Hungarian internet traffic auditing system Webaudit.hu.


      He spent the last 8 years as a freelance SEO for European clients, and he has been doing analytics consultancy since 2007. His data company AALL.hu offers a solution for measuring display ad performance, integrating adviews into the destination sites’ Multi Channel Funnels. Zoli is also the sole engine behind the Central Eastern European internet conference Superweek that hosted speakers including key Googlers working on search quality and Google Analytics.


      Zoli (35) lives in Budapest with his wife and three kids. In the early morning he plays tennis, and in the evenings he takes long walks with his black poodle in the scenic Castle District.