Radu Cioplea SEO Project Manager - Improove

      With a technical background and 10+ years of experience in the online field Radu is working at Improove in Vienna, Austria as an SEO Project Manager dealing with both startups and large companies ( e.g.. Dell Inc, Airbnb.com ).

      With a focus on special audits covering a large geographical area as far as accounts and coverage (US, Austria, Germany, UK, France) you will find him on day to day tasks dealing with sessions of Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools and a wide area of current commercial available tools, connecting with industry peers (SQA, Webmaster trends Google Hangouts and SEO communities like SEOmoz Q&A), account support and management, workshops and also sessions outside (technically speaking) of the SEO area but still within inbound marketing touching CRO, UX and social.