HTML5 and its semantic elements in practice (Workshop)

23.10.2012 - 16:00-16:30
Auditorium Conference Hall

The market research company Forrester reported, that in the 2nd quarter of 2012, 83% of web users in Europe are running browsers that support a large segment of the HTML5 feature set. Thanks to technologies like html5shiv and modernizr it is safe to create HTML5 websites, because we can solve the problems appearing for the remaining 17%. But it is not only a possibility, I dare to say, it is essential to use in case of new web projects, and you should strongly consider switching to in in case of old ones too.

In the workshop I will show how to create HTML5 layouts that help the search engines understand your site better, using the new semantic elements, like header, footer, nav, article, aside, etc. I will also show how to decide what html5 element you should use instead of a <div>.

I will also talk about the two types of links, and the tree different elements (link, a, area) that can be used to create them. We will take a short journey to the most common rel values, and their impact on how search engines index the web.

Moreover I will talk about the pitfalls and traps of HTML5, and show some neat tricks, that can spice up your web projects.

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