Adult site SEO

23.10.2012 - 10:30-11:00
Auditorium Conference Hall

Optimizing Porn – SEO and Web development in the adult entertainment industry

Porn sales – as the age old saying goes. But it does not sell itself. Adult entertainment is the most saturated market on the web, and the most controversial. It is the very birthplace of black hat SEO, and web based frauds since the dawn of the internet, in the early 90’s. W. Szabó Péter will show you that you can achieve great results while staying “white hat”, as in enthusiastically following all the rules and guidelines set by Google. It is not always a walk in the park because a slight misstep is enough to lose that hard earned trust. Competitors are always keeping a watchful eye on each other as well as the patient but wrathful father, Google.

It is a huge collection of niche markets, with enormous visitor numbers. Even if you are not interested in creating or maintaining an adult site, you can learn a lot about how visitors think and how Google works, through the careful study of the adult industry. Trough real world examples of websites made by Initiale, You can see how a visitor is earned and kept in an environment with very high competition. Every minor detail counts, therefore adult sites need to focus on things that are off the radar for most SEO projects. For example a great user experience design does more than keep the visitors and build trust, it also helps getting links from other sites, among other benefits. Getting natural links is one of the hardest things to do anyway. Classic link baiting or link exchange methods will fail, but WSzP will share his secrets of the elusive art of white hat methods, needed for quality links. The page structure and grabbing long tail keywords became very important in the past few years, where most sites in the adult sector get more visitors from Google on subpages than on their home page. In English even five or more word longtails can bring thousands of visitors a month. WSzP will also show sites that are very profitable for the owner, even though they have only a few visitors a day…

Please attend this showcase of adult industry, not for scantily clad women, but for a better understanding of Google and of the web as a whole.

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